Big Lost River In May And More...

Lots to post here...  Here are 3 images from a recent day on the Big Lost River.  The water flow is about 445 cfs at the moment and could any day go beyond fishable.  It's still clear though and enough baetis to make the purist smile.  The moody skies of May are here too.  Probably my favorite month of the year to shoot.  Clouds and contrast and sometimes thunderstorms and wind and snow up high and budding trees and the prevalent cottonwood stench by the water.  We are FINALLY starting to see some green on our trees and the recent warmer temps--supposed to get a bit moody again through the week--have brought our freestone water much higher.  The Big Wood is blown and flowing at the moment just under 2,000 cfs.  Should be a substantial runoff year. 

Big Lost River Rainbow


I was just asked by a talented Swiss fly casting instructor, Christopher Rownes, for my permission to use a few of my images on his site.  It's a great site with lots of underpublished black & white images.  Black & white is so many things yet infrequently used commercially in the fly fishing world.  It's without a doubt my favorite medium.  Check out his site and a few of my images along with plenty of other great images HERE

On another note, and an inspirational one too, I just came across an incredible slideshow of underwater wave photography.  It's really a must see as it's evocative and captures moments most never see.  It's called The Underwater Project and it's by Mark Tipple.  Here's the Link: The Underwater Project