The FlyFish Journal

Here's an image of my youngest son, Charlie, in the new edition of The FlyFish Journal. Although it's a small image, he was pretty stoked. Perhaps this will inspire him to get out on the water a little more and if I'm lucky allow me to take a few images... If you have not held a copy of The FlyFish Journal, you really should crawl on all fours to Bellingham, Washington to grab an issue (or order one online). It's reader supported which means very few ads and lots of content including great fly fishing photography.

Charlie Price in The FlyFish Journal

Fly Fishing Photography Prints

Still looking for a great gift for someone or something for yourself? How about a print? I have had many inquiries over the last week or so and have included print prices in this post. All prints are made on archival, museum quality, fine art papers. If you need help selecting a print for someone else, feel free to email me.

Rise Form. Late Fall. Silver Creek, Idaho

Here is a size & price list:

6" X 9" Print:  $80.00

10" X 15" Print:  $125.00

16" X 24" Print:  $220.00

24" X 36" Print:  $315.00

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Streamers, Storm & Silver Creek

We are in the middle of a relatively warm and super wet storm here.  Above 7,000 feet we are expected to get around four feet of snow.  Below about 5,700 feet it's been all rain so far and down around Picabo today there was heavy rain for a short period and broken stormy skies for the remainder.  Below are images shot today on Silver Creek.  It's streamer time down there.  Cloudy days are usually better.  Today was just OK but the wild skies and weather made up for it. We spent about two hours on the water.

Dan Higgins setting up for the next to-the-bank-cast.  Silver Creek, Idaho

Nikon D3s and Nikon 14-24 ƒ2.8 lens

Final Day On The Silver Creek Preserve

Today was the final day of the fishing season upstream of the highway 20 bridge on Silver Creek.  That includes the Nature Conservancy section and the Double R reaches. Fishing does stay open downstream of the highway 20 bridge through February.  The streamer fishing on this section can be stellar on warmer cloudy days...

Stalker Creek Rainbow

A late season rainbow released yesterday on the Silver Creek Preserve, Idaho.  A few Baetis here and there and lots of spooky hard to approach fish. Nikon D3s and Nikon 14-24 ƒ2.8 lens

Silver Creek Fall Baetis

A November Baetis. Nikon D3s and Nikon 105 Micro lens plus extension tubes.  Converted from RAW using NIK's Silver Effex Pro 2.


OK, it's the time of year I generally go back through my images to mainly delete the garbage and get it off my hard drive and to make sure images are properly keyworded. I occasionally find an image or two I like though.  Here's one of a dragonfly taken on Silver Creek.  Nikon D200 & Nikon Micro 105 lens.

Dragonfly.  Silver Creek, Idaho

Rising Rainbow

I cannot imagine someone watching me get the shot below. I laid stomach down on a rocky steep bank of the Big Wood River right in front of a foam eddy that frequently has a bunch of feeding fish. Today there were enough midges to get the fish going and a few of those fish came within inches of the bank I was awkwardly perched on. The fish came by in front of me so close I needed my macro 105 lens. The minimum focus on my 200 mm lens is about six feet which is far too long. Over about 45 minutes time I had two fish cruise through the foam within about five inches of my front element.  Given the amount of foam in the eddy, the fish couldn't see me. I will certainly be heading back to this spot to try and get the perfect tail or fin slicing through the foam image...

A rainbow slices through a foam eddy on the Big Wood River, Idaho.

Nikon D3s, Nikon Micro 105 lens

November Baetis

The images below were taken today on Silver Creek. Pretty warm at the Creek when I was there; about 44 degrees but windy. The baetis came off anyway and there were fish up on them. This particular baetis was about a size #18. For all of you wanting one more day on the Nature Conservancy section, this is the final week of the season. Everything on Silver Creek upstream of the Highway 20 Bridge will be closed starting December 1st. 

I used the Nikon Micro 105 with an extension tube for these images.  Between 12:15 and about 1:30 there were a lot of baetis.

Click on any of the images to view a larger version.

The fish were far more skittish today and did not let me get very close.  I did manage to get a couple of frames just after a take or two.

Lower Big Wood River, Idaho

Lower Big Wood River Canyon & Lone Fisherman

Nikon D3S & Nikon 35 f2 lens


Leaves are still barely hanging on to the aspens & cottonwoods and on windy afternoons along the Big Wood River dead but brilliant leaves are carried away on a flow that's roughly 35% higher than average.  Nobody is on our local water and this is really a wonderful time of year to get a little solitude...



Nikon D3S & Nikon Micro 105 lens

Lower Big Wood River, Idaho

Lower Big Wood River.  Idaho

Nikon D3S & Nikon 35 f2 lens

Thanks go out to the Wood River Land Trust for coming up with, hopefully, a permanent and successful solution to the minimal flows on the Big Wood River below Magic reservoir.  In the past, by late October the water flow below Magic Reservoir was not enough to sustain the trout population and with the current plan on trying to maintain 15 cfs of released water (there is also a minimal amount of seepage flow as well) the approx. 3 mile section below Magic could really become an incredible fishery.  This also serves as a great example of a "win win" when it comes to Idaho's anachronistic water laws.