Underwater Jellyfish Footage

Monterey Bay from nick price on Vimeo.



Here's a short piece I shot in Monterey a week or so ago.  I used A Go Pro video camera and Eye Of Mine Housing and mounted the camera on a boom and stuck it underwater...  I have lots to learn but it's a fun process and a memory eating process as well.

On the fishing front here, the only thing going at the moment as far as moving water goes is the Lower Lost which is still really really good.  Watch the water level if you are thinking of heading over as it should come up quite a bit in the next two weeks.  The cold weather has knocked the Big Wood flow from around 2,000 cfs down to 1,500 cfs over night.  Cold weather is forecast for at least the next 3 or so days and should delay runoff even more.  It snowed in Ketchum two nights ago and yesterday as well...