Rising Rainbow

I cannot imagine someone watching me get the shot below. I laid stomach down on a rocky steep bank of the Big Wood River right in front of a foam eddy that frequently has a bunch of feeding fish. Today there were enough midges to get the fish going and a few of those fish came within inches of the bank I was awkwardly perched on. The fish came by in front of me so close I needed my macro 105 lens. The minimum focus on my 200 mm lens is about six feet which is far too long. Over about 45 minutes time I had two fish cruise through the foam within about five inches of my front element.  Given the amount of foam in the eddy, the fish couldn't see me. I will certainly be heading back to this spot to try and get the perfect tail or fin slicing through the foam image...

A rainbow slices through a foam eddy on the Big Wood River, Idaho.

Nikon D3s, Nikon Micro 105 lens