A Challis, Idaho Face

Fluff Wood, pictured is a Challis Idaho BBQ phenom. He is as friendly as his smile and his BBQ is exquisite in the great way a casual, no-frills, simply prepared BBQ can be. Think Traeger smokers on a trailer with everything and more you would want...  OK, and ribs! 

Fluff Wood

The other morning I drove in the west entrance to the Nature Conservancy and encountered a herd of elk that was pretty strong in numbers. They kicked up a bit of dust and were back-lit and agitated. Sandhill Cranes flew low dizzying circles over alfalfa and recently cut barley and sometimes landed deftly like long-winged bombers on a short and final. The National News no longer played stories of the Beaver Creek Fire but the smoke had left for the most part and the crowds had mainly left in a frenetic race to escape and left Silver Creek as it often is on a late August morning.

Elk. Silver Creek Preserve, Idaho.