Fly Fishing Photography

Here are a few images from a recent trip over to the Big Lost River.  The Tricos are still happening but probably starting to slow...  If you are wondering how the fire is here, the skies are clear of smoke and it's beautiful. We have been in the evening thunderstorm cycle which has given us small but much needed hits of rain.

John Huber & A Bent Rod. Big Lost River, Idaho. 

Big Lost River, Idaho. 

Female Trico Dun. Big Lost River, Idaho. 

Ok..., the image below looks like 4 fishermen all fishing together.  What's wrong with the picture is that all 4 fisherman were NOT fishing together. I witnessed the two fisherman farthest upstream in the image enjoying a great morning to themselves. A crew of 3 descended upon the river and commenced fishing right next to and in the same run as the 2 other fishermen who had been there for an hour or so. I had to take a picture of this. Most fly fisherman have a great sense of etiquette but it is almost always a small few who just don't care about anything but themselves even if they are two hours late getting to the only spot on the river they know... Mutual respect for one another does go a long way.

Bad Etiquette 101