False Hellebore

Our flowers and plants here seem to be at least two to three weeks ahead of schedule. Arrowleaf balsamroot, larkspur, phlox, bluebells, etc are blanketing many of our hills at low to mid-elevations. I would think many of our early summer hatches on the Big Wood River & Silver Creek should come off a little early as well. Brown drakes on Silver Creek is our first big hatch and hopefully it happens after opening day which is on Saturday, May 25th. Callabaetis and a few pmd's have been coming off in the preserve section on Silver Creek and fish have been consistently up and eating. Now is the time to canoe Silver Creek prior to fishing season opening.

False Hellebore. Near Hailey, Idaho

Nikon D3s & Nikon 35 ƒ2 lens