Clouser Minnow

I have been tying a bunch of flies for an upcoming roosterfish trip to the East Cape in Baja. I really do not want to spend my time down there tying so I am trying to get it all but the unknown surprise or two finished in advance. I have been using an epoxy called, clear cure goo. It's the best stuff I have ever used and all it takes to harden is a UV light. I have noticed some pretty cool visual results every time I have hit a fly with the light. Whites turn to blue and anything like chartreuse is rendered ultra neon. So..., I just took my vice with a white over chartreuse clouser in it outside in the dark. I hit the fly with my UV light and took a few images with a 105 macro lens. Below is the result.

White over chartreuse 2/0 Clouser Minnow with UV light bouncing off of it. Yes, it's white on top and the UV light turned the white to blue.

Nikon D3s & Nikon 105 ƒ2.8 Micro lens