"Whitefish" Ed

"Whitefish" Ed & his million dollar smile.  Ed showed up at the grand opening of the Picabo Angler on Saturday and hung out for the rainy and cold afternoon.  Having a PBR or two with Ed is a treat. 

Ed is no doubt the brightest dressed fisherman on Silver Creek and the Henry's Fork.  Many would also say the brightest fisherman on the water.  He is keen on intellectual fishing conversations.  Within moments of meeting him he offered me one of his bright pink "whitefish unlimited" hats.  I am now a proud owner.  I also had to get a few shots of him sitting in his van with a few of his fishing outfits.  Check out the sequins.

A true in-the-moment guy.

Ed putting a 1 weight to work at the Picabo Angler on Saturday.