A Santa Barbara Landscape

Miramar Beach.  4 image pano taken using the shift function on the Nikon 24 pc-e lens.  This image is really meant to be viewed large.  I have just added it to my pano gallery where you can view it at a larger size.

On another note, I have finally upgraded my computer.  My last machine, a Mac, was a bit aged and as a result brought my editing tasks to a creep.  I am now using an iMac with 16gb's of ram and 14 terabytes of back-up storage--2 Lacie 6tb drives and 1 Lacie 2tb drive.  I am running the Lacie 6tb drives using a Thunderbolt connection which seems VERY fast.

The joy of finding a smashed penny for the first time.

Nikon D3s, Nikon 24 pc-e lens