Fly Fishing Photography & Sun Valley Fishing Report

feeding rainbow troutSilver Creek Riser

callibaetis spinnerSilver Creek Callibaetis Spinner


silver creek hopperHopper.  Silver Creek

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lenses: Nikon afs 80-200 f2.8  & Nikon Micro 105 f2.8


The Fishing:  The Big Wood is currently running at 379 cfs with the historical mean at 285 cfs.  The fishing on the Wood has been so-so with sporadic caddis and small stones.  The thunderstorm activity is supposed to wane starting Wednesday and we'll see how the warmer weather changes the fishing.  As it is, I would be on the water around 9:30.  Every day has been a little different but it has been slowing down around 4 PM.  The evening fishing is far better when we have hot daytime temps...  Silver Creek has been pretty consistent in the morning starting around 8 or so.  Think tricos, baetis and still a few small # 18 pmd's followed with callibaetis.  With the cooler weather we have been enjoying the hatch time has lasted until or after 12.  Damsel flies, hoppers, beetles and ants have also been good stuff in the afternoon.  Like the Wood, the evening fishing is far better when we have hot daytime highs.  The Big Lost is running at 489 cfs with the historic mean at 484 cfs.  Still a few golden stones and pmd's and yellow sallies with craneflies and caddis added to the mix.  Every section is fishing a little different so be prepared to observe a little and adjust.  Remember, "you can observe a lot just by watching." YB