Color Eyes Pro & Monitor Calibration

Silver Creek Trumpeter Swan

I have been having a very difficult time for the last year or so trying to get exactly what I see on my iMac monitor and a print to look precisely the same as far as luminance and color go.  Sounds easy...  Well, after doing quite a bit of research and after biting the bullet, about $300, I just bought and installed Color Eyes Pro.  The installation and calibration is moderately easy.  The directions could be much better and offer better guidance.  But, after finishing calibration and then comparing a few prints today to what my monitor showed I am very happy.  Most older iMac screens do not offer the ability to lower the brightness (luminance) enough. Many of my prints were turning out too dark and then I would need to re-edit.  Not an ideal situation.  In any event, if your prints are not turning out how you would like or if you know you need monitor calibration then I highly recommend Color Eyes Pro.  I will save many many hours as a result of having a properly calibrated monitor.