Midges (Chironomidae or True Fly Family)

Undoubtedly, midges are the most important aquatic insect for us fisherfolk during the Winter on the Big Wood River.  On warmer days the number of midges on or near the water can be quite phenomenal.  Today was around 44 degrees in Hailey!  Spring like.  Incidentally, according to The Mountain Express Newspaper, our largest snowfall since New Years has been 1 inch.  3" to 5" inches are expected on Wednesday...  Anyway, as it was so warm today I checked out a couple of spots on the Wood, both of which were in Hailey.  Needless to say, there were MANY midges.  I sat near a deep eddy and watched tiny rise forms blip away on the foam line.  The fish were spooky, but gorging on the little morsels that were readily available.  Here are a few images from today.

Images taken with the Nikon 105 2.8 Macro & Extension Tubes.

Midge shucks on the Big Wood River