Freelensing Part 2

Some more on freelensing...  I have started using my 105 2.8 D more for freelensing as I have noticed I can stand farther away from what I am shooting and still have my subject in focus.  I found a sprinkler head and a wheel line near Silver Creek and had some fun shooting ordinary objects.  The color on the sprinkler head really stood out.

On the fishing front, the weather here is warm and slated to be warm most of the week with a smallish front moving in on Tuesday.  What this means is good dry fly fishing should be had on the Wood.  Don't forget about Silver Creek as it stays open below the HWY 20 bridge through February.  It fishes quite well despite the lack of clarity.  If we stay away from the normal February inversion, as it looks as though will be the case at least through next week, the streamer fishing should be good to really good down there.  Black and olive seem to be the colors...  Cast across and downstream and enjoy the solitude.