Faraway Cayes, Honduras II

Faraway Cay, Honduras. This tiny gem took 27 hours by boat to get to, and only 90 minutes by helicopter to return from. It's part of the Mosquito Coast located about forty miles off the southern Honduran mainland.


A young Miskito Indian at Faraway Cay

Steve Brown heads back to base. Faraway Cay

A Farawy Cayes bonefish

Archie and a sea turtle

One of many large schools of bones just a mere steps onto the flat at Faraway

Miskito Indian

Young Lobster Fisherman. 15 years old

Kids who have been out at sea for over eight months on trap boats, stack wooden lobster traps at Faraway Cay to store for the brief off season. Many of these kids are only 15 and 16 years old and have brutal working conditions.

Lobster Fishermen at Faraway Cay

Lobster fishermen

Archie and a little down time...

Archie. Guide and waterman

Archie. Guide and waterman

A pristine flat

A tailing bone