Argentina 2017

I just got back from a two week trip to Argentina. It's fall down there and a great time to visit. I was on an assignment for a publication for a story on Jorge Trucco. Jorge is a legend in the Argentine world of fly fishing and it was an honor to have spent time with him at some of his favorite places and rivers (A lot more to come on Jorge).

It was also an honor to work in collaboration with Val Atkinson on this piece. I traveled with Val and his partner Susan Rockrise along with Jorge to 4 different lodges in Argentine Patagonia: Limay River Lodge, San Huberto, Tipiliuke Lodge, and Arroyo Verde.

I'll be posting images from the trip here over the course of the next week or so. Outside of the fishing, I discovered--was directed really by someone from there--an incredible small town pop. 24,000 (approx.) called San Antonio de Areco located about 2 or so hours west by car from Buenos Aires. It was a great surprise!

The people of Areco could not have been kinder. The architecture is also stunning. It's an old world gaucho town. I did not come across another American in my three days there. I befriended a man by the name of Diego, he invited me one night to join him and three others for dinner. He ended up taking me all over the Areco area. He's a kind man and I was really blown away by the overall kindness of everyone I met there.

Many more images to come...

Diego Kelly of San Antonio de Areco sits in a bar during a typical Argentine lunch of Malbec and asado.

Boliche Bessinart. An historic old gaucho bar in Areco.