Digital Silver C-Prints

I am pumped to offer my first limited edition digital silver c-prints. Each of these will be an edition of 25. I just received three of the four prints below from the printer and I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. They will be off to the framer next week.

The image below was shot on my first trip to Cuba. We found a bar and sat in the back and this woman came in with a giant smile. She was a prostitute, as it turned out, and when I pointed my lens her direction she gave me her big smile.

16" x 24" unframed $1,000 (email for other sizes and pricing)

1/25          Havana Bar

I shot the image below on my second trip to Cuba. It was a windy winter day and while I was crossing a street this car stopped. I had enough time to get this one image. It's of a collectivo, which is essentially a less expensive shared taxi service for locals.

16" x 24" unframed $1,000 (email for other sizes and pricing)

1/25          Malecón Car

A few years back I was on a fishing trip in Chilean Patagonia and stopped by this remote gaucho outpost. The people I was with wanted to say hello and ask about access to a nearby river. We spent a couple of hours with two gauchos in their home drinking Escudo (a Chilean beerand having toast with jelly. They were in a really talkative mood. One gaucho made sure I always had a cold Escudo. I can't imagine they get many visitors. One of the two gauchos had these really large spurs and allowed me to take a picture of them.

16" x 24" unframed $1,000 (email for other sizes and pricing)

1/25          Gaucho Spurs. Chilean Patagonia

Silver Creek & Picabo are essentially in my back yard and my favorite local place to take pictures.

20" x 30" unframed $1,400 (email for other sizes and pricing)

1/25          Queen's Crown. Picabo, Idaho