Picabo, Idaho

So far, the Brown Drake hatch has been extremely moderate to say the least. A few bugs here and there with 10 minute spurts of smoldering spinner falls. I have not yet seen the grassy banks loaded with Drakes. Hopefully that is all in front of us... In the end though, it's all an excuse to be on Silver Creek during the magic hour when the warm light is perfect and all kinds of different birds are calling singing their choir and the wild iris is hit with the end-of-the-day warm light and you know, even though you are likely tired, there's no better place to be on an early summer evening.

The images below were taken last night, May 31st.

Picabo, Idaho

Silver Creek & Riser

Zac Mayhew waits for a riser and an emergence.

Guide Zac Mayhew getting ready to move on to another spot on Silver Creek.

Riser and fisherman.

Night Heron