East Cape. Baja, Mexico

I just got back from a quick 4 day trip down to the East Cape in Baja, Mexico. We were on a quest to catch roosterfish from the beach without a teaser rod. This was my fourth trip like this and to put it simply, it just is not easy to accomplish getting a rooster from the beach. We knew that though and that is perhaps one of the greatest parts of the trip. Put in your time before the trip tying and researching. Spend every minute you have with good light on the beach hoping for something to happen and then hope the fish are responsive.

We saw quite a few fish but had no bait in the way of sardines or mullet. The roosters seemed pretty interested in tracking down the large schools of ladyfish though. We had papa gallo (big roosterfish) crashing within feet of the beach, combed up, and on a mission to track down ladyfish multiple times. When it happens, it happens fast. We just could not seal the deal with our fly...

It's still a great trip though. The people in Baja Sur are friendly. The fact that it's such a hard feat--getting a roosterfish from the beach--to accomplish, makes it even more worthwhile to me.

East Cape cactus.

Mini Super and last light. La Ribera.

Portrait of a man smoking in La Ribera.

We had clouds and some wind which made spotting fish a bit more challenging.

A woman, panga and mangos. La Ribera.

The ubiquitous needlefish.


An East Cape dirt road.

Roosterfish within range...

Hands of a fisherman. Cabo Pulmo.

Cabo Pulmo sunrise.


Our first night in a cheap hotel in Boise. One of us lost the coin toss and was relegated to the floor.