Fall River, California

I was sent on an assignment last week to Fall River Mills, California to shoot and write a story on esteemed fly fishing and travel photographer, Val Atkinson. It could not have been a more incredible four days for me as Val is someone for whom I hold a great deal of respect for and he is an incredibly kind and genuine person. His images of world travel and fly fishing have appeared in countless magazines since the late 70's.

We had a bunch of fun but were also able to sit down and talk about photography and travel and life on numerous occasions. We also walked Hat Creek, a favorite stream of his and floated the Fall River as well on a separate day.

Below are a few images from my time with Val.

Hat Creek. 2016

Val on his beloved Fall River.

Susan Rockrise hits Val with the garden house at their beautiful ranch house.

Val's first wading belt which he bought at Silver Creek Outfitters in Ketchum, Idaho almost four decades ago. He learned his lesson the hard way prior to making that purchase and filled his waders.

Portrait of Val Atkinson. 2016

Oak Tree. Hat Creek.