Carey Pradis

I said it and it was a slip. Maybe it was midnight and it was still warm and elk were bugling in the distance and coyotes were yapping their victory song. Headlights adorned our foreheads. The moon was half full and starlight reflected of off Silver Creek. John and I shared a rod and skated a mouse pattern over the slow moving current, each time trying to cast to a new spot. Most fishermen were asleep or reading in bed. We caught fish too. I meant to say, "prairie caddis," and out came, "Carey Pradis." It's Runny Babbit sort of talk...

I feel pretty lucky to spend an entire day guiding Silver Creek and then take a quick break and then head out mouse fishing for another five or so hours.

John Huber lets a cast run after sunset.

Starlight on Silver Creek.

A nice brown fooled by a one-eyed tailless mouse pattern.