Cuba B-Sides II

Here are a some overlooked images from my trip to Cuba earlier this winter. Double-click on any image to enlarge:

Central Cuba Highway. Two lanes with more pot holes, walkers, bikers and horse-carriages than cars.

Woman. Jucaró, Cuba..

Two Men. Jucaró.

Portrait Of A Man. St. Louis Cardinals Fan. Central Cuba.

Jucaró, Cuba.

Bemba. Fly Fishing Guide. Jardines De La Reina, Cuba.

Woman. Havana, Cuba.

Man & Cigarette. Vieja Habana. Havana, Cuba.

Vieja Habana (Old Havana. A Neighborhood in Havana).


A Havana Taxi.

Capital Building. Havana.

Havana. Parque Central.

Woman Waving. Havana.

Havana Bus Stop.

Taxi Subframe. Havana.

Havana Street Corner.