Arco, Idaho

Below are a bunch of images taken either in or near Arco, Idaho. Arco was the first town in the world to be powered by nuclear power. It's located at the southern end of the Lost River Range and the Big Lost River is almost always dry in Arco. I have been fascinated by the town for some time and got a quick oral history from a lifetime resident, John, who spent nearly an hour answering my questions. John graduated from Arco's high school class of '55 and gladly pointed out where '55 is inscribed in the hill.

John, a lifetime resident of Arco, Idaho poses for a portrait. In the background is the infamous hill showcasing, in large painted white numbers, the graduating classes of nearly the last 100 years. Arco was first powered by nuclear energy in 1955. John mentioned the larger the size of the white painted number on "the hill" represented the larger the size of the graduating class that respective year. In other words, the small numbers represent smaller class sizes and vice versa. I spoke with John in front of Arco's Mello-dee Club.

The hill in Arco with almost 100 year's worth of graduating class numbers. This is a 5 image pano.

Road near Arco.

Buildings just west of Arco.

An old Arco motel. During better times, motels in Arco were abundant and occupied. This motel still appeared open.

Cross near dirt road. Arco, Idaho.

Water troughs and sky. HWY 20. Idaho. West of Arco.

Mello-dee Club. Arco, Idaho.