Mountain Standard Photo Shoot

Earlier this fall I was hired to shoot for a great new clothing company located in Boulder, Colorado called Mountain Standard. The shoot was a sunrise to campfire and well beyond dark day. We had everything from scattered clouds in the morning to sun to a passing thunderstorm in the evening. Below are some images from the day. The fishermen are all local Sun Valley fly fishing guides (they guide for Picabo Angler), John Huber, Nick Anderson and Taite Pearson.

Passing Storm & Campfire. Silver Creek, Idaho

Taite Pearson a little pumped to see fish eating Mahogany Duns. Double-R Ranch. Silver Creek.

Fly change. Taite Pearson.

John Huber throwing an early-fall hopper to the far bank moments after sunrise.

John Huber loading it up.

Tall grass and first light.

Big, ugly and foam. First fly of the day.

Pulled Back. Picabo, Silver Creek & Angler

Nick Anderson

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