Stocker Road Black & White

Below is an image taken of and from Stocker Road which is the west side entrance to the Silver Creek Preserve. The cloud in the background is actually smoke from the Beaver Creek Complex Fire. A substantial size crew--an ICP (Incident Command Post) has set up camp between Hailey and Ketchum off of Buttercup Rd. This fire is believed to be caused by lightning and has grown to approx 35,000 acres and at the time of writing this is 16% contained. Here is the link to the USFS Large Fire Incident site: Here

Stocker Road & Smoke. August. Idaho. 

Below is an image of Silver Creek from The Nature Conservancy section and the Beaver Creek Complex Fire. 

Silver Creek Preserve & Smoke. Idaho

Camera: Nikon D3s

Lens: Nikon ƒ1.8 50mm