Big Wood River Green Drakes

Green Drakes on the Big Wood River have not started yet, but the drake nymphs are really abundant in shin deep water up and down the river. My son, Charlie and I turned over some rocks yesterday in Hailey along the Big Wood and found a ton of green drake nymphs.  The river is fishable yet swift now but expect this hatch to happen after the Wood has dropped a little more which will likely mean an incredible Green Drake year on the Big Wood. With colder weather forecast the Big Wood should drop over the next few days. Look for adult Green Drakes around the 24th or so of June...

Imitation & Natural. Green Drake Nymphs. 

Green Drake Nymphs. This was shot in a clear tin full of water placed in the river. Once a nymph is taken out of the water it gets far darker.  

Hand Full Of Drakes. 

Umpqua's Epoxy Back Green Drake nymphs and The Real Deal.