Silver Creek Brown Drakes III

The Brown Drakes on Silver Creek have essentially ended but it was a great Drake year. There were 6 strong nights and a handful of really good mornings. Below is a sampling of some of the images I took during the Brown Drake frenzy.

A headlamp Brown slips back into the darkness. Silver Creek. 

Derek Sullivan timed his trip to Silver Creek perfectly. Not having any prior knowledge about the hatch, ho got the last big spinner fall. 

Jared Kirby and a great Silver Creek brown. 

A beautiful evening on Silver Creek. This was my second consecutive evening with no Drakes. 

Brown Drake soup. 

Mid-afternoon lull meant a little experimenting. A Picabo area ditch. 

Brown Drake Madness

Drakes from a lower angle. 

Camera: Nikon D3s

Lens: Nikon 14-24 ƒ2.8