Fly Fishing The East Cape, Baja, Mexico

I just returned from a trip down to the East Cape in Mexico. It's on the Sea of Cortez about 45 minutes north of the Cabo San Lucas airport. Lots of dirt roads and cactus and small dusty towns located right on the super clear and warm water of the southern Sea of Cortez where roosterfish come in close to the beach from the deeper blue water. I stayed near the town of La Ribera.  The rooster fishing was tough as usual. There was no bait near the beach and we were limited to a half dozen shots a day. The bonus was landing a snook from the beach near Punta Colorada.

Sunset on Punta Colorada. This was the view from the house I stayed at. Not much in the way of services but located right on a great Roosterfish beach.

Midnight Cactus & Full Moon Light

A typical East Cape Dirt road. There's miles of this type washboard along the coast.

Portrait of a La Ribera chef.

"The Lighthouse Point"

The fishing is the reason for the trip but stopping to talk with the locals is the best. These two gals cook at a taco stand in La Ribera. It must have been something I said...

Portrait of two women. La Ribera, Mexico.

Not super busy but all smiles nonetheless.

Guacamole y Cerveza

Simple ingredients and outrageous color. La Ribera taco stand.

Fresh shrimp ceviche.

Lighthouse Restaurant employees. La Ribera, Mexico.

Hours of casting to uninterested cruisers along the beach pays off. Zac Mayhew, looking like a regular, hoists a fairly unusual East Cape Snook.

Sunset & House. Punta Colorada

House at Punta Colorada

Last session of the day.

Getting to the spot... Punta Colorada, Mexico.

Soccer goal and pangas. La Ribera, Mexico.

Inside A La Ribera Church.

A La Ribera Church.

Fly Change

Long exposure horizon after sunset. East Cape, Baja, Mexico.