A Picabo Face

Effi, pictured below is a face you may see should you frequent Picabo, Idaho. She's usually wearing a smile and more often than not is invisible. She at first didn't want me taking this image of her. I sat with her at a table in a store in Picabo, round barrel chairs and ranch employees stopping by for lunch after a 5:30 am start, and said, "no, Effi I'll let you approve anything I take and they are your images." After taking a few shots of her I showed them to her and I became aware that she was in a bit of awe. The images are flawed technically and far from perfect but she didn't notice that stuff. She didn't notice the flaws she thought before hand were there. I don't think she had ever had an image taken of her as an adult. She was happy.

Effi. Picabo, Idaho.