Santa Barbara Eucalyptus

I have been driving by this particular eucalyptus grove in Santa Barbara for years. It's in an open space area and while it seems like a small public space coming from Idaho, it's really a gem that goes relatively unused except the occasional neighborhood dog-walkers. On this particular day it was drizzly with fog and there was a lot of contrast; from the darkest tree trunks to the light in the fog to the grass and the details in the better lit eucalyptus trunks. I have shot this particular grove a half dozen or so times over the years and each time I have gone back I have refined how I will look at it the next time. For example, next time I am there I will look for a foggier day and choose earlier in the AM. Simple and mysterious is what I am looking for. Bruce Lee once said something like, "The greatest form of sophistication is simplicity itself."

Eucalyptus & Fog. Santa Barbara, California

Eucalyptus Grove Pano. Santa Barbara

The pano above is comprised of 3 images taken using the shift function on the Nikon 24 pce lens. I shifted horizontally and also tilted down about 5 degrees to get more of the foreground and the center tree in focus. The above pano was taken on a different day than the top image.