Sun Valley Fishing Report

Last Light.  Silver Creek, Idaho.  May 2012


Sunset Pano.  Silver Creek, Idaho


An optimistic spider got this web ready prior to his buddies and is undoubtedly thinking of the immienent brown drake hatch.  Silver Creek


Guinness, my soon-to-be 10 year old English Setter.

Nikon D3s & Nikon 24 pc-e lens

Opening day is just around the corner on our local water--May 26th.  Given the fact we have had an early runoff our water should be in far better shape to start the season than we've had the past couple of years.  Does that mean the Big Wood should be fishable for the opener?  That's a bit contingent on our weather between now and then but it's sure looking like we should have high but fishable water.  Below is a snapshot for the flow on the Wood taken from the USGS site today.  Note the flow around April 27th:

Here's a snapshot from the USGS site for Silver Creek which is pretty low at the moment likely due to the earlier-than-normal call for irrigation water.  The flows should gradually increase over the next 3 weeks.:

And a snapshot from the USGS site for the Lower Big Lost River (Note the Lost River drainage is open all year and is fishable at the moment.  It's really hard to say when the water will increase in flow to unfishable levels, but for now it's very fishable and worth the trek.  Trail Cr. is still closed and the long circuitous route through Arco is the way to go from the Ketchum area.  I would imagine Trail Cr. should open up within the next two weeks.  Contact Blaine County Road & Bridge for more info.):