Silver Creek Preserve

Nature Conservancy & Storm

Nikon D3S & Nikon 24 pc-e lens

I took the above 3 image pano last night.  I tilted the lens down about 1.5 degrees to have the look of unlimited depth of field and shifted the lens left and right for the pano.  We have been in the afternoon thunderstorm cycle for about a week or so.  Highs in Ketchum have even crept over 80 degrees which has started our runoff on local rivers much earlier than normal.  Below is a graph of the flow of the Salmon River.  Note the average flow and how much the river went up yesterday alone.  Also, note that the previous record flow for today was 3110 cfs set in 1974.  All in all, this is a super early runoff and while the high water will certainly last some time, I suspect our rivers should be in great shape in early June.  That means we are likely to have fishable water on the Big Wood River for our green drake hatch...


Here's a graph showing the flow on the Big Wood River:

Might as well include the flow on the Big Lost as well--which is open year round: