Big Lost River

lost river rainbowRainbow.  Big Lost River, Idaho


rainbow trout lost riverPost release rainbow on the Lost


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Nikon D3s & Nikon 35 f2 lens

The Nikon f2 35mm lens has become my favorite lens to haul around while guiding or on the river.  First, the focal length--when mounted on a 35mm sensor or full frame sensor-- is generally exactly what I want and if it's not I can move around until it is. Yeah, it's not super wide but it does have a minimum focus distance of 9.84 inches which is great for non-macro close-up shots.  It is small and easy to carry around for a full day on the river.  And, finally, it has a pretty fast max aperture of f2 allowing for some more creative shots and the ability to really minimize depth of field.  This was the first Nikon lens I owned and I carried it around for over a year before purchasing any other lenses. 

On another note, while it is snowing here at the moment the forecast for later in the week is for unseasonably warm weather which should make for some great days on the river.  Here's a clip from the current NOAA forecast for Ketchum, Idaho: