Fly Fishing Photography

A photography niche of mine is certainly fly fishing.  I am on the river quite a bit and I usually or almost always have a camera with me...  In any event, I am still inspired by many other photographers or genres regardless of their respective niche.  Surfing photography would be a genre I am inspired by and despite the fact I do not surf I still look forward to my quarterly delivery of The Surfers Journal.

On that note, I have been devouring any current info I can get on large format photography--mainly 4 X 5.  Eventually I would love to shoot with a 4 X 5 view camera for many reasons including the range of movements and the finest quality available when it comes to the final print.  In my quest to learn more I have come across a wonderful podcast that covers many types of photography and many of the great photographers too.  The podcast and web site is: The Art Of Photography  It is ceratinly worth checking out and hopefully learning a bit about either a great photographer or a type of photography.