Craters Of The Moon

We obviously received new snow today... I took advantage of the white and drove out to Craters Of The Moon where I knew I could also find a little black. Winds were at a minimum 25 to 30 mph. I walked a couple of miles as the only road that bisects Craters is closed to cars and is covered in snow. Pretty soon that road will be groomed for Nordic skiing.

Small Pine & Snow. Craters Of The Moon

Sage & Aa (Basaltic Lava)

Aa. Craters Of The Moon

Craters Snowscape

In all but one of the images above, I used the channel mixer and dodge and burn brush in Photoshop CS5. I dodged the highlights and burned the darkest tones. That's it. The channel mixer is a fantastic tool as you can modify tones through color. Want to darken a jet-blue sky? Use the blue channel. It's helpful to have a histogram up to make sure your blacks are black and your whites are white as no computer screen tells the truth like a histogram.