Tilt Shift Portraits

Glider & School Ground

School Playground

Silver Creek Foot Bridge & Portrait

Schoolyard & Scale

Nikon D3s & Nikon 24 pc-e lens

Every once in awhile I come across a real gem in the photography world.  I recently discovered the work and instruction of the photographer & Brook's Institute teacher, Chris Orwig.  Here's a link to a video session showcasing Chris on You Tube called [Framed]  Chris has such an enthusiastic attitude coupled with the rare ability to articulate his passion that he generates this wave of inspiration that's really infectious.  While I am a Photoshop CS5 user and am moderately comfortable utilizing some of the seemingly infinite features, I have found Chris's Photoshop tutorial on Lynda.com to be above and beyond.  There's a monthly membership fee but if you want to learn Photoshop CS5 in greater depth or from scratch this is the place.