Sun Valley Fishing Report


Big Lost River Rainbow

Smokey sky and fish on...

Getting it done on the Lower Lost.

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens: nikon 24 PC-E

Smokey skies here and in the Lost River Valley.  Surreal warm light and high temps in the 70's.  The fishing is all over the board from quite good to slow and just hope where you decide to go is quite good...  The trico thing on Silver Creek is essentially over and we are transitioning into the Fall hatch cycle which usually means things don't get going until later in the morning and will, contingent on the temps, sometimes last until 3 or so.  The baetis on Silver Creek will only get smaller!  That means arm yourselves with #22 & #24 baetis patterns and #16 callibaetis for the afternoon--usaully around 1 PM or so--callibaetis spinner fall.  Tricos, however, are on the Lower Lost and on the Big Wood from about Hailey downstream.  The fishing should just get better and better as we creep farther into September...