Sun Valley Fishing Report & Black & White Images



False Hellebore

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens: Nikon 24 pc-e


The Fishing:  The Lower Lost dropped down below 600 cfs and is now just over 600 cfs.  The historic mean flow is 567 cfs.  Golden stones, yellow sally stones, pmd's, #12 caddis and a few crane flies.  It's good stuff if you can find wadeable water.  The Mackay Reservoir is still full and our mid-summer fishing on the Lower Lost should be great.  The Big Wood River is running at approx. 453 cfs with the historic mean at 354 cfs.  The best fishing is now a bit earlier and starts around 10 AM.  Big stimulators, caddis, small green drake patterns and even pink albert patterns are working.  Think droppers like #14 pheasant tails, #14 black anato mays, and #14 stone fly nymphys.  The trico madness has started on Silver Creek and has been getting going around 8:30 AM or even later on the cooler mornings.  PMD's and baetis have also been coming off and often simultaneously.  By 11:00 or so the hatches have been done but the hopper population is growing and if you are willing to stick around, especially on a windy afternoon, the terrestrial fishing is just getting going.  The best part of the day on Silver Creek is still the evening with caddis, pmd's and baetis.