Sun Valley Fishing Report & Wild Rose Images

Wild Roses

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens: Nikon Micro 105 f2.8


The Fishing:  Lots of positive changes as the Big Wood has dropped considerably and despite the swift water is fishing, at long last, really well.  The current flow is 855 cfs with the historic mean for this day at 600 cfs.  It's still high but we are getting there.  The clarity, incidentally, is good, even below the confluence of Trail Creek.  There are lots of bugs though; Green Drakes, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies and a few # 12 tan caddis.  Large Royal Stimulators and Green Drake patterns have been working well in any of the soft water for which there is more and more of daily.  The Green Drake thing won't last much longer...  The Lower Big Lost has dropped to 793 cfs with the historic mean for today at 625 cfs. Golden Stones and PMD's if you can find soft enough water...  Silver Creek is slowly starting to fish better in the AM.  Tricos are starting to appear throughout the Nature Conservancy section and they often happen in conjunction with baetis and pmd's.  The Green Drakes on the Creek seem to have finished.  I fished Silver Creek this morning and the bugs, at least where I was, were all but done by 10:30 AM.  Every day has been a little different and I would expect inconsistency for about another week before the tricos really start, hopefully, going like clockwork.  The evening fishing on Silver Creek has been the best time of day to be there.  Pmd's, baetis & #16 or smaller olive caddis.  Bring mosquito repellent!