Idaho Landscapes & Sun Valley Fishing Report

Silver Creek Preserve & Storm

Upper Salmon River After Sundown

Sawtooths & Moonlight

Salmon River Long Exposure

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens: Nikon 35 f2

The Fishing:  OK, lots of changes.  First, the Big Wood.  The Wood has finally dropped to a fishable level upstream of the Warm Springs confluence.  Clear enough water and tough wading but it's fishable and working.  The flow has dropped down to 1,250 cfs and as few as 5 days ago the flow was just over 2,000 cfs.  It's dropping pretty fast and expect better fishable water south of Ketchum soon.  Think green drakes and big stimulators. 

The Lower Big Lost has also dropped down to essentially 950 cfs which is still pretty high.The upper Big Lost as measured at Chilly is running at 1,050 cfs which is still too high to work.

The crowds have finally diminished at Silver Creek as there is finally other fishable water and the Creek has been inconsistent.  I guided Silver Creek this morning and early afternoon and had sporadic baetis and pmd's.  There were enough bugs to keep the fish on the surface until around 11 AM and then we needed to walk to find feeding fish.  Damsel flies, beetles and ants are great afternoon searching patterns.  The best time of day on Silver Creek at the moment has got to be the evening.  Pmd's and lots of fish on the surface.  Just bring long sleeved collared shirts and be prepared to utilize your deet as the mosquito population before dark has been prolific.