Sun Valley Fishing Report


Nature Conservancy.  Silver Creek Preserve

Rain Drops On Silver Creek

Quick update on our local water:

The Big Lost is running about 288 cfs which cannot last that much longer...  Get it while you can.  The Big Wood is running a hair under 2,000 cfs with very little clarity.  It will be awhile, like the end of June or so, until the Wood becomes easily wadeable.  On Silver Creek many of us are waiting--no real sign yet-- for brown drakes.  The weather has ever so slowly gotten nicer and nicer with highs near 70 in Picabo daily.  While the Nature Conservancy section does not see any brown drakes, the bug deal there has been sporadic with baetis and pmd's coming off here and there.  The Nature Conservancy section has NOT been crowded at all and is quite fun if you are willing to hunt for rising fish...