Lamar Valley Wolf & More...

A yearling Lamar wolf.  We watched a prohghorn buck run this wolf out of the pronghorn's turf.  Pretty amazing how the pronghorn stood its ground and actually charged the wolf.  The wolf relented and ran around the pronghorn...

Blue Grouse In Spring Regalia

"Raccoon Face"

This sow grizzly had apparently just lost its cub...  Near Grizzly Lake on the west side of Yellowstone.

Soda Butte Grizzly

The bear activity in the park and especially in the Lamar River Valley was unbelievable.  We probably saw 20 bears in 4 days and when we were not seeing them their tracks littered the trails we walked.  While we were there a rock slide prevented any incoming and outgoing traffic from the Lamar Valley which made for the most uncrowded and enjoyable experience I could have imagined.  As the elk start to drop their calves over the next few weeks I can only imagine the bear activity will increase.  May is certainly the best month of the year in my perspective in the park.