"Red" Winged Blackbird & Silver Creek

"Red Winged Blackbird"


So...here's one just edited on NIK's new Silver Effex Pro 2.  The selective color control point--essentially lets you decide where to restore color to a monochrome image-- is MUCH easier to use/work with than Photoshop and can yield some unique results.  If you don't use any of NIK's plug-ins you can try them out for free for 15 days...  Be advised, you will want to purchase after trying them out.  They are pretty amazing!

I am off to Stanley tomorrow to look for and hopefully find some early season steelhead before the hordes show up in mid-April. 

Every once in awhile I will be sharing another fly fishing photographer's website that really, in my opinion, stands out.  Here's one by Matt Jones:  http://theflyphoto.com/

In particular his underwater shots are phenomenal and his desire and willingness to share photography insight is exemplary...  Anyway, check out his site. 

It's his site, after all, that led me, yesterday, to purchase a Go Pro.  I have not received it yet , but I am really looking forward to getting underwater video footage.  If you have not been to the Go Pro website it's worth checking out the video that immediately pops up:  http://gopro.com/