Rick McIntyre & The Lamar Valley

rick mcintyreRick McIntyre, pictured above is and has been a Biological Technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project essentially since its inception with the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone in 1995.  There's no doubt he's the wolf guru in the park.  His knowledge based on years of experience observing--it is said that he spent over 3,500 consecutive days watching Yellowstone wolves--is unsurpassed.  While his voice is quiet with a slow cadence, he candidly answers questions from tens of thousands of visitors each year.  Imagine the patience needed to answer questions from that many people.  In the image above, Rick is watching the Lamar Canyon pack on the west side of the Lamar Valley.  11 wolves in all.  At the time of this image, 3 Lamar Canyon pups were pseudo-stalking 3 large bull elk while the adult wolves sat in the background and watched.  I asked Rick why he thought the large bull elk didn't run and he said he believes the larger and healthier bulls stand their ground and the adult wolves know and respect that.  "The pups may try to make a go at the bulls but the odds are low they will try and if they do they will not likely succeed."

rick mcintyre Rick McIntyre & Will Price watch the Lamar Canyon pack.

viewing through a spotting scopeRick and many others are often generous with their spotting scopes.  Pictured above, Will peers through Rick's scope. 

Nikon D3S & Nikon 24 pce lens

yellowstone coyoteCoyote.  Lamar Valley

Nikon D200 & Nikon 80-200 afs 2.8 lens