Silver Creek In November



Silver Creek, Idaho.  Early November

The above images were taken this morning about twenty minutes or so after the sun came up.  While setting up to take the top image from just off the road, a small agricultural truck at high speed swerved at me to within a few feet and effectively "buzzed my tower."  The two in the mini white truck caught some air as they uncontrolably left the road and somehow managed to get back on the road and vaporize in a cloud of dust and out to a field adjacent to Silver Creek...

Nikon D3S & Nikon 35 f2 lens

I am often sent articles, images videos, etc..., which for many reasons illicit all kinds of different emotions. Some, like the Wall Street Journal article I have a link to HERE, serve as controversial, thought provoking pieces.  In the WSJ article, the question, on a small section of California's Silver King Creek, is whether or not to rotenone and effectively "kill off" an entire section of the creek which would include a voluminous quantity of macro invertebrates in order to start from scratch and reintroduce the indigenous Paiute Trout.  The question I believe needs to be asked, rather than how to improve the fishery, is how to improve the watershed?

On a similar note, should you come across images, video or an article that you think is worthy of sharing, send it on to me. 

Here's a LINK to an incredible video on Tarpon fishing.