Winter Anamoly

Here's an image of an entomological anomaly.  I took this image about two weeks ago on the Big Wood River near Ketchum.  An entomolgist friend refers to this limnephilidae as an "evolutionary dead end."  A question then to ask is, should this bug on the same day I took this image have drifted over feeding fish, would any fish even give it a glance?  My answer is probably not as it looks like nothing else we have on the water in December and January on the Wood.  I have recently used a caddis imitation that resembles this limnephilidae as an indicator pattern without a look...  Midges however have been THE surface choice and will continue to be until February when we start to see a few small stones here and there.  The dry fly fishing on the Wood has been about as good as it can get for January.  Warmish weather is forecast for at least the next 5 or 6 days and without any major wind the surface activity should remain strong.