We are back in the thunderstorm cycle and there are a few brewing as I write this.  I guided the Wood today and found the fishing to be OK.  We caught fish and tried a bunch of different patterns.  Small #16 tan craneflies, PMD's, #16 tan caddis, #12 tan caddis and they all worked with some success.  Our water is in great shape and hopefully the normal mid-August doldrums don't really happen this year on the Wood.  We'll see.


Here's a slideshow that is absolutely worth checking out.  It's of the recent winner of the Follow The Light Foundation grant.  The 4 other finalists also have suberb shots.



Here's a shot of a flying ant taken at Silver Creek:


Dreamy and fast.  Airborn rainbow:


Here's the same image converted to black and white and underexposed in post processing.  You can make up your own mind as to which image pulls you in more: