Soda Butte Creek & The Lamar River

In 1938 the building I am staying in was the second largest log building in the country. I am the only person staying in this two story monster. Every floor board creaks. When I walked in to the main store this AM, Matt, the attendant asked with a smile how many ghosts I had seen the night before. "That building makes some spooky sounds and especially when you are alone. There are apparently ghosts in there. I won't sleep in that building."

On the fishing front, I fished Slough Cr and Soda Butte today. Slough Cr was tough. Windy and cold and zero hatch. I got three cutts to eat a green drake cripple. Soda Butte on the other hand was good. Discerning cutts fed on the surface until the light got too dark. We caught good sized cutts on #18 # 20 baetis. A herd of bison moved across Soda Butte as we fished. They are in rutt and apparently a bull died about five days ago in the Hayden Valley and there were at one time up to eleven grizzlies feeding on the carcass.

Here are a few shots I took today with an iPhone camera. The Lamar is pictured above.