Female Tricos

I had a chance to go shoot tricos yesterday morning at Silver Creek prior to a guide trip.  The bugs started around 8 AM and went to about 11 AM. The males seemed to far out number the females.  So what is the difference between the male and female trico?  The males are close to jet black.  The females' bodies are a yellowish white and are often accompanied by eggs near the end of their body on the underside.  I found a few spider webs loaded with thriving tricos and on 3 occassions I threw a small portion of the web laden with tricos into the water.  All 3 times the trico bait ball was sipped as delicately as though it were a single spinner!  Get out your fly tying vice and come up with something creative...

I also guided the creek in the evenning and if I could recommend any one thing it would be DEET.  While there was a lot of surface activity, the mosquitos were prolific.  I donated a fare amount of blood.


Here are a few female trico pictures: