Today was the first muggy day we have had in awhile.  No lightning or thunder.  Slow soft rain.  Drier in Mackay but with the penalty of a consistent north wind.  A fox ran erratically through a fallow field near Old Chilly Rd.  An Osprey sat near its nest and watched out over the Lost River Range gallantly while its chick screeched.  We are now in the heart of the summer and the Lost River Range, Idaho's tallest, only displays faint bits of white patches of snow on the southwest slopes.  It's a stark range.  The tree-line is definitive and the walls of granite and fields off scree and shale above that line are hard and steep.  Pronghorn graze for scarce grass below the Lost River Range.  Cattle graze and giant pivots and anachranistic wheel lines spray water on fields of grass and alfalfa near adjacent dry ground.  Sage dominates the landscape and the hint of precipitation along with the steady north wind spread its pungent and welcoming smell.  Dessicated cow turds are robust and ubiquitous.